The AV Retail Wave: From Online to AV

There was a time when every brand needed to exist online.

It was critical to have an online presence and to stop relying on the traditional physical store, and of course it’s still important to “be online”.

But, as Smart AV pointed out in their blog “How Retail Brands are Killing it With AV”, the e-commerce space has become oversaturated, and brands have started to turn back to the bricks-and-mortar store once again, but not in a traditional way.

Instead of a traditional store, brands have started to combine their digital presence with their physical presence and invest in AV, including LED videowalls, intuitive content management systems and digital signage in order to attract more attention in the retail space.

Using Retail AV To Create Experiences

These all-new super-stores focus on providing customers with an “experience”. It’s about more than just what you buy, it’s where you buy it.

Customers who visit these “connected” and “impactful” stores experience more than shopping, they engage with physical energy and innovation of the brand – giving it the potential to go “viral”.

The Guardian has also noticed the trend, labelling these store-hungry brands who want to move away from the restrictions of Google as “evolved retailers”– and it’s clear they have seen a boost in sales as a result.

Here are three examples of brands who have made the move from online investment to investing in AV for their new store:

  1. Installing LED videowalls for Missguided

Missguided started as an entirely online brand. They built up an online presence to rival any fashion retailer. However, the brand started to recognise that they had reached their peak capacity online when it came to customer experience, and decided to invest in two physical super-stores to not only promote their clothing, but to also establish their brand as an experience.  

The brand established their first mesmerising spaces in the Bluewater department store and Stratford’s Westfield, and used AV to set their store experience apart. They wanted to display up-to-date and on-brand messaging across the physical space, as well as create interactive elements for their customers.   

After installing impact-ready LED videowalls the brand still needed to update the content and manage it to reflect their online persona. We helped Missguided to select a content management system that is easy-to-use and offered sync-able functionality, ideal for managing their multiple stores and screens.

The effect was an immersive experience for customers from the moment they step into the store, with a 46sqm LED “selfie” to instantly attract attention, a 7.5m x 1.5m LED wall behind the till and full digital signage content management system to allow the brand complete flexibility and organisation with their content. As a result, Missguided can keep their videowalls as up-to-date as their online presence.

Missguided Bluewater

  1. Digital install for Boden

Boden also saw a boost in their sales and brand awareness when they invested in their first ever physical store on Chelsea’s fashionable King’s Road. With a catalogue and online presence already established, the brand wanted to start a new chapter in their retail journey and decided to utilise the physical environment to boost their brand.

The Boden team cleverly brought their online success in-store by working with our expert tech team to create their digital presence in store. With the use of an integrated content management system, we installed a range of large format and interactive screens to display content, including a mirror overlay concept screen that triggers animation when a child stands in front of it – a fun way to keep families entertained while shopping.

The screens were all implemented to align with Boden’s store design and theme, which included vintage-style picture frames and large mirrors. The result was an immersive effect for its customers and an “experience” to remember.  


  1. Fitting AV in a challenging retail space

TK Maxx took over a large and challenging retail space in a prime location in Munich, Germany, after its previous owners failed to make a profit from the location. The enormous space needed something special to transform it from an ordinary store to a 21st-century digital experience.

The focal point of the shop was a large stairwell in the main atrium that needed something to take it to the next level. After production meetings with the client, we designed and fitted a 52.5sqm high-resolution LED wall at a 3.9mm pixel pitch to fill this unusual space. The careful choice of pixel pitch and screen size enabled customers to view the content from up-close and far away without compromising on quality, and gave TK Maxx the impact they were looking for.


Be part of the retail AV wave

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