Content Management

Content management & digital signage software

Smart LED are experts in sourcing and installing bespoke content management systems and solutions.

Our expert consultants find the right content management solution (CMS) and digital signage software for your business, as well as bespoke services such as content server installation, advance scheduling, content integration, training and maintenance. We help you select the latest in CMS technology to schedule and manage your existing brand content, pull from RSS feeds to display real-time relevant data and manage crowd-created content.

We can offer you one or all of the following content management related services:

Cloud-based CMS (Hosted on our server or yours
Media player
LED or Screen Solution
Ongoing Maintenance and Support
Full Content Management

Cloud-based Content Server

We specialise in the set-up and installation of digital signage software to schedule and deploy real-time content via a cloud-based content management system This allows you to update and schedule your content from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device, keeping your content up-to-date, relevant and dynamic.

Content Management

Media Players

Media players, which can be in the form of a computer or a robust content playback machine, enable you to save your content locally and back it up continuously. This ensures 24/7 playback, seamless on-air content updates, real-time data analysis and the ability to sync content across multiple displays. You can also be rest-assured that your content is secure.

Media Players

Remote Access

As part of our maintenance agreement, we include remote access to the control PC on your LED wall or screen. Remote access and our wall configuration software allows us to monitor the health of the wall in real-time and configure any settings to the screen remotely without affecting the quality of your existing content or losing playback.

Remote Access

Our Content Management Services

Strong Partnerships
Strong Partnerships

We have strong relationships with a range of premier content management and digital signage solution providers, including Scala, Signstix and Now Signage. We can advise you on the best content software for your brand, with additional services including bespoke content creation, real-time content controls and flexible scheduling.

Bespoke Integration

As experts in content management, we can find the right solution for your project and your budget. We offer impartial advice and consultations on the right content management system for you and your business, as well as bespoke services such as content creation, third-party applications and content storage databases that allow you to streamline your content management.

Content Management Setup Support

Our dedicated team will install and set up your content management system, as well as provide support and maintenance for your system and screen. Prior to installation, we can test your content at our 40,000-sqft testing facility and train your staff to set up and run the system after completion. We offer specific training on seasonal campaigns, scheduling, zone-based deployment and real-time diagnostics.