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The Future of Work: 6 Key Areas for the Office


The future of work is changing, and so is the office.

Businesses are starting to embrace some of the latest work trends including automation, remote working, work-life balance, flexible working and coworking, and are rethinking the “office” as a concept.

The office has evolved over the last century, from the private cubicles of the mid-20th century to the open-plan communal spaces that accompanied the 90s tech revolution, but it still has a long way to go to keep up with workplace shifts.

Businesses are being urged to recognise the correlation between the work environment and retention, productivity and satisfaction amongst their employees. An unappealing work environment has also been shown to directly lead to high levels of stress, loneliness and lack of creativity.

Office design, flexibility and technology are key workplace trends for 2018, with a focus on the workplace experience.

Employers need to recognise that the office should be an immersive experience; one that staff want to spend time in and want to work in if they want to make the most out of their employees.

To increase retention levels and productivity, businesses will need to:

Redesign the office

Ensuring the office invites employees, clients and collaborators in and tells a brand story, goal and mission.

Create an experience

Considering key touch points between users, visitors and your office environment.

Integrate new technology

Integrating new technology into the day-to-day workings of the office, to make it easier and more productive for employees and clients.  

Here are 6 key areas the future office will need to address:

  1. Visual meeting rooms

Big screens to make your meeting rooms more dynamic. At Smart LED we have a four-wall showroom where we can present a client’s content on our large LED walls. In meetings, we don’t just talk about their content we actually get to show them it. This makes a huge difference from having a static meeting room to one where the person visiting is actually involved.

  1. Engaging presentations

Presentations that are bigger and bolder using the latest technology and high-resolution screens. Take for example, the 3 x 3 46” videowall installed at Barking Riverside’s Marketing Suite in London. The company wanted a striking and eye-catching presentation tool to play informative videos as well as show complex presentations. The videowall offered an engaging display that boosted sales, engagement and brand awareness.  

  1. Welcoming communal spaces

Engaging communal spaces with in-the-moment content and branding. Take this unique 2.5mm curved LED videowall used in BP’s corporate reception which shows how real-time content can create a more welcoming space for both staff and clients.

  1. Interactive information

A workspace that uses larger displays, curved screens and even augmented reality headsets to provide information in a cool and interactive way. This marketing suite by Zebra Technologies featured a range of screen solutions, including videowalls and 22” touchscreens to offer instant and easy digital access to the company’s latest products, merging the physical and digital arenas.

  1. Content management

Better communication in the workplace facilitated by easy-to-use content management systems – software that delivers the right information at the right time. Content management systems can be used on LED walls and screens across an office spaces to deliver news, feature the latest brand content and keep employees up-to-date.

You don’t need to be Google to make your office stand out. Implementing LED walls, videowalls and real-time throughout your space is a cost-effective way to propel your office into the future. From creating interactive content to presenting your brand in the most eye-catching way, Smart LED can offer you a bespoke AV solution to transform your office.  

Ready to create your own office of the future?

Talk to one of our expert permanent AV consultants about our project management service, LED videowall installation and content management tools for your office.


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